Replacing characters

A vertical line (|) can be replaced by an exclamation mark (!), which represents an operation character ( delimiter ).

The number signs (#) in based literals can be replaced by colons (:) if both characters are replaced.

Quotation marks (“) at the beginning and at the end of character strings can be replaced by percent signs (%). If this is done both the quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the character string have to be replaced; if this is the case, however, there must not be any quotation marks within the character string. Every percent sign within the character string then has to be doubled. This doubled percent sign is interpreted as a single percent sign. It is possible to do the same exchange for bit string literals if both surrounding quotation marks are replaced.

16#ED#                           --> 16:ED:
O"777"                           --> O%777%
"5 ns rise time"                 --> %5 ns rise time%
"50% of propagation delay time"  --> %50%% of propagation delay time%